Sunflair Solar Oven User Guide

How to use a folding panel Sunflair Solar Oven


Your Sunflair Solar Oven/Dehydrator comes with your very own user guide to take with you. 
Here's an extra online guide for you . . . Regular cooking:


Unpacking and set up
 - Take everything out, unfold your Sunflair and zip it up. If there is a chance of wind place a small but fairly heavy rock in each of the stabilisers and tuck them in slightly (as shown in pic)Set up and pre heating- Now place one of your baking trays onto your cooking rack, unzip your Sunflair and place inside with the rack legs untucked and standing. Pop your thermometer ontop of the baking tray, at the front where you can clearly see it.
Preheating and optimisation - Zip your oven back up, face toward the clear sunlight (check for an even shadow behind your oven) To optimise the temperature tilt upwards by resting something underneath the front of your sunflair or angling a table (as shown in pic)
Now wait for your Sunflair to preheat past the red zone (this usually takes around 5-15minutes or so depending on seasons and weather conditions).


Timing & temperature control - There's two ways to time your cooking. If you would like to cook more quickly, perhaps while you are with the Sunflair, re-angle every 20-40mins to face the sun directly.
If you would like to leave your oven to cook slower, perhaps you'd like to leave your Sunflair for a few hours, simply face your Sunflair north toward where the mid-day sun will be, ensuring there will be no shadows in the chamber and leave to cook.

Now for the fun part. .
Cooking - Prepare your meals similar to how you would for a slow cooker/croc pot.

Cooking in the pots - Always make sure the lids are on so no moisture can escape...even when baking bread this is important!

Baking on the trays - Always vent the oven slightly by unzipping.

Clean up - It's really easy to clean and pack down a Sunflair. You shouldn't have any dirt, food or steam on the Sunflair itself. Just simply wash your cookware, unzip the oven, pack down and place it back into your Sunflair bag.

**Extra tip - Remove your cookware before picking up your oven when it's full. This prevents spillages and helps keep your Sunflair in good condition.


Have fun making your own sundried fruit!

Fresh & Dried Fruit


Preparing - Cut fruit into 1/8 inch (3mm) slices or thinner (the thinner the better). Slices should be as uniform as possible for even drying. Certain foods which brown easily (such as apples, bananas, kiwi, mango) will require coating in a little lemon juice. This prevents discoloration and helps preserve nutrients. Not necessary for fruits such as berries, peaches or tomatoes.

Set up on the cooking racks - Lay food directly on the baking racks. Leave space between pieces so air can circulate.

Oven set up - For best results dry with oven upside down and partially unzipped for better air circulation and temperature maintenance. Also, may need to turn oven away from sun to achieve optimal temperature.
55 - 77C is ideal.
You can also successfully sundry fruit with the oven set up the regular way, the cover may steam up but none of the Sunflair materials will mildew. Simply wipe the inside of the cover with a cloth within the first hour, then leave to continue dehydrating.
Timing - Dry until pliable but leathery. To test dryness, let a piece cool, then squeeze it. If squeezing produces moisture, food is not dry. Dry at 135 F (57 C) for 6-12 hrs
Extra tip - Allow to cool before storing.
Drying times will vary due to thickness of pieces, temperature, humidity and harvest.Herbs:
Set up - Set your Sunflair upside down and unzipped to create lower temperture, place herbs loosely on rack and cover with baking tray to preserve colour.
Timing - Dry at 95 F (35 C) for 1-2 hrs.
Tip - Keep the herbs in big pieces so they don't fall through the gaps in the cooking rack.aro6Fruit Rolls/Leathers:
Set up - Puree fruit in blender, then pour onto parchment paper and

Timing - dry at 135 F (57 C) for 4-12 hrs.

Certain vegetables (beans, corn, eggplant, zucchini) are best blanched prior to drying. Not necessary for things like cucumbers, mushrooms, onions or peppers.
Timing -  Dry at 125 F (52 C) for 4-12 hrs.

sunflair user guide
Dry at 155 F (68 C) for 2-6 hrs. Will keep for 2 weeks refrigerated.
If desired, add spices or marinade before drying for unique flavors.

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