Twizel New Zealand 2018 Project Earthship

Blank canvas in Twizel New Zealand

Exciting Earthship workshop commencing January 2018

A small community of 1200 people is rapidly growing both with locals and tourism. It's important to ensure this beautiful small village grows in the right way. Eco-tourism and good quality earth homes which run off grid is essential. Especially as there is little rain water. The town already predominantly runs power from Hydro...but we can do even better than that.

This build will feature

Rainwater collection, aquaponics, reusing materials for building, upcycling, thermal mass and passive solar design, grey water treatment, off the grid renewable energy, black water treatment, permaculture and more...

Project Earthship commences in January 2018. It's just the start of eco building in this incredible area.

If you would like to be involved in this build either learning or teaching please email

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