A new law requirement will see to it that all landlords inprove the living quality of their tennant lives by installing much needed insulation into the homes they lease.

New Zealand homes must become warmer and dryer.

New law requirement passed 09/07/05 

This law requires landlords to install insulation and smoke alarms into their rental properties. I know what you're it true that some houses have no insulation at all?? It's hard to believe isn't it! Up until 1978 homes did not require ANY insulation by law, just one of the reasons NZ housing standards are so low (around 15 years behind European standards)!
An estimated 280,000 homes all over New Zealand inhabit tens of thousands of people suffering litterally freezing temperatures inside their homes during those winter months.

Below is an article written for Mountain scene describing the state of the homes in the ever increasingly expensive rental market of Queenstown. Some of the comments below even compare the quality of life to living in the third world!
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Insluation is so important, without it a building won't heat up properly or it will take twice as long to even start to feel comfortable. The cost of energy bills see many people choosing not to switch on their heaters due to heat relentlessly escaping right through walls; burning a giant hole in their pocket. Not much fun at all and certainly very unhealthy.

Reports of health and respitory illnesses, even death due to cold damp houses are growing with complaints such as respitory problems and pneumonia.

Now in 2015 more and more of us are starting to really appreciate the positive impact warm, dry, well built homes make on our lives.

Paul Henry has an interview with Mangere budgeting services chief executive Darryl Evans on 3News. In his words "you can't heat an uninsulated house".
The fresh changes are a good start although many know it is not enough, these people will continue to push, encourage and implemement better changes to speed up the improvement to our housing conditions.
Very happy the government is heading in the right direction ...let's hope this is the start of many more well needed changes.

The details of the new law requirement passed by Nick Smith are here...

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