The solarbuddy programme

solar buddy

Illuminating futures one light at a time!


The Solar Buddy programme is now in New Zealand. Created in Australia it's progressed well and has advantages for all parties involved.

Here's how it works:

  • Kids here learn about energy poverty, what's going on in the world, how other children live and a bit of geography.
  • The do some fund-raising and purchase a solar powered light kit
  • In class they then learn how to put it together, how it works, the importance of renewable energy and have the opportunity to write or draw something nice for the child who will receive the light
  • The light gets sent to a child who is suffering with energy poverty and the Solarbuddy team on the ground out there takes pictures of the smiling children which get sent back as a thank you.


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I, Kate Rowland will be signing schools up to this brilliant programme all over New Zealand and for anyone keen to join me I welcome emails.

We also have the opportunity for this to go further. The Brightbeam solar light is ideal for emergency preparedness and is a good little camping light.

Now available on our store you will be able to Buy One Gift One. For every one sold here we will add another in with the dispatch heading out from the schools to a child in need. Lighting up even more futures!

The SolarBuddy programme can be followed here on Facebook. or online at

Every dispatch is posted on social media with pictures of the smiling children. Most are sent to Papa New Guinea. 🙂

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