The way charities are viewed prevents them from progressing

This is one of the best TED talks I have seen of late.

He speaks of a very valid point. Why are charities demonized for having well paid staff compared to other not so caring business CEOs? And why are charities so underfunded with in their progress? You can quite simply put 2 and 2 together. If a charity is run with overheads like a business they will be able to grow bigger and fund more, complete their mission and be successful, just like a large business.

There is a certain groan when we think of a non-for profit. With the thoughts of ''how much of it actually goes to charity''

Don't get me wrong there are some questionable charities out there whom perhaps need to provide more evidence ...and maybe even their tax returns. However most are doing really important and selfless work to follow their passion and really help the world. Some problems in our world are not easily motetised...caregiving for one. I mean, why does a caregiver earn 70% less than an oil miner. Because oil is where the money is and caregiving is not. Sad story. This is where charities need to step in.

Now take a look at Apple. They are a huge company who have spent millions on advertising, overheads, well trained staff etc. They have made huge money, huge profits to the point where their pocket money would do a great deal of good. Compare this with a charity who has to keep their overheads low, pay their staff and CEOs less well and spend very little on advertising. Which one is going to have more money to spend on the greater good? ... Apple of course.

So it's about time we blended the 2 together to get out of this rutt of poverty that so many in the world face. Instead of being stringent with charities we trust we should treat them like businesses, buying ethical products and services through them if we can, fundraise, sponser, get out there and join them, find out more and share. Instead of asking them how much of their money goes on the cause ask them their mission and how much they need to reach their goals and when they expect to achieve it. Help them grow big and strong like Apple and watch what a difference it can make.


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