GoSun Solar Stove


It has certainly be talked about and shared through social media millions of times. Above is the trial I gave it and info below of what makes it so awesome.All solar cookers are different and it all comes down to preference of what you would like in capacity, portability, time and investement. When it comes to evacuated tube cookers my opinion is that it's the best evacuated tube cooker out there.
The hottest and fastest portable solar cooker. This evacuated tube solar cooker can be used on cloudy days and cook a meal in just 20 minutes.
Temperatures: around 200 - 290C.


Comparison: The GoSun solar cookers are the quickest of all portable solar cookers available. Often referred to as the microwave of solar cookers, ideal for fast cooking small meals in a healthy way. 

This kit includes a durable borosilicate, evacuated glass tube cooking chamber, two foldable parabolic reflectors that fold to protect the tube like clamshell, a stainless steel cooking tray/slider, a rugged scrubby cleaning tool that attaches onto the tray's end and stainless steel carrying handles.


Dry Weight: 3.18kg
Oven Volume: 1.2L fluid or up to 1.4kg of food
Oven Dimensions: 2.7” (7.0cm) outside diameter, 2.1” (5.4cm) inside diameter , 24” (61cm) length
Unit Open Size: 24” (61cm) long x 16” (41cm) tall x 12” (30cm) wide
Unit Closed Size: 24” (61cm) long x 8” (20cm) tall x 5” (13cm) wide
Estimated Power Output: 230 Watts in full sunlight
Maximum Temperature: 371°C
Working Temperature: 93°C – 288°C
Cooking Time: As fast as 10 minutes, see infographic below

  • Fast: Cooks a meal in as little as 20 minutes, reaching temperatures up to 290°C
  • Cooks When Cloudy: You don't have to see the Sun to solar cook! The GoSun is so effective almost no day is off limits!
  • Portable: Deploys in seconds and collapses into a durable package. GoSun anywhere!
  • Fuel-Free: No mess. No flames. No cost. Always prepared for delicious! Versatile: steam, bake, fry, roast and boil, anything is possible inside the tube
  • Safe to Touch: Vacuum tube keeps exterior surface cool even while hot inside
  • Two Year Warranty: The tubes are durable, made of borosilicate glass (like Pyrex®)


By opening out the parabolic reflectors sunlight is aimed toward your food in the cooking chamber, the Sport’s compound parabolic reflectors and tubular design converts nearly 80% of all sunlight entering it’s refectories into useable heat.
Setting it up is a case of simply adding your food into the slider, sliding this into the GoSun, opening the legs and reflectors and facingyour Sport either north or towards the sun. This model of solar cooker should not be preheated - almost comparable to the convinience of a microwave.

A miracle of science, the evacuated glass tube of the GoSun Cooking Technology is a near perfect insulator, allowing one to solar cook in challenging conditions. By effectively capturing light from a broad range of angles, the GoSundoes not require frequent readjustment.

Food is placed into a slider rather than a round dish. Although this unique style takes a little getting used to it enables food and cakes to be cooked more evenly from centre to edges. By the time your food is served you'll not even notice the difference.

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