Vanuatu Project 2016, Pre-project

Rebuilding Tanna for Eco-tourism - Earthship style!

It's now September and we are getting organised for the eco-tourism set up and build in Tanna, Vanuatu.  We have 3 really exciting projects running and are teaming up do get them completed.

  1. Teaching solar cooking
  2. The women's community centre
  3. Joe's eco outdoor bathroom

Kylie who is CEO of is organising the two Earthship builds and I am part of the team coming along to add input.

It will be Earthship survival shelter style but up a notch. The costs will be low, the house will be strong and there will also be water harvesting and composting toilet systems applied.

Here on the link below is a composting toilet system I designed for Joe's ecoretreat. Pictures below is how it will look (roughly)...




The current situation is tin housing in a cyclone prone area - not ideal as you can imagine.

vanuatu 5350252_orig

Tanna is a beautiful place with an amazing sunny climate. It's where the Mount Yasur Volcano rests..and errupts. There is such a fantastic opportunity for eco-tourism.


The locals are keen, excited and ready to get hands on, learn and repeat are we!


Kylie has been doing amazing work in Tanna for years. Oral health has been a key focus along with helping ease water shortages. Earthship builds done by the locals have already commenced after learning here in New Zealand.

This next project will be stepping up from that to build to something really special!


So it all commences on the 26th October. If you have experience and would like to get involved let us know. There will be plenty more opportunities like this in the future with myself and/or Fruit of the Pacific.

Look out for updates on our newsletter,blog and social media!

Thanks, Kate





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