Humanitarian to Eco-Tourism

Turning humanitarian builds into Eco-retreats

Building communities out of energy poverty



2016 times are interesting. As much as the divide between rich and poor becomes greater the opportunity for everyone in the world with internet to make money is ever increasing. Now with Uber, Air B & B, Rent your car etc almost all of us have the opportunity to aid our income. The world is becoming smaller, we are all learning more...from each other and through decades of studies and clever scientists.

Building Communities out of Energy Poverty.

Obviously we all need a start, a little bit in the bank to be able to get started but many communities in naturally stunning parts of the world don't have the opportunity of getting themselves out of the poverty cycle. They may be living in a sub-standard housing which offers no food or water source, no heating or cooling. Working hard to feed the family there is often nothing left over to renovate or invest in something which will better their income or give some return.


Billions of people around the world are born into this struggle and it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now with exciting designs of ecological building, old methods mixed with new technology it makes it possible to build in an affordable way. A way which pays back to the owner. Lifting them out of the cycle of energy poverty and making the daily and yearly cycle of their own life more self sufficient.


Eco is economical AND ecological!

We will be working with Earthship Biotecture, Fruit of the Pacific and other organisations to not only affordably lift people out of the energy struggle but to provide the locals with a further income through Eco-Tourism.

The builds will be simple to elaborate depending on the situation but you can guarantee the following...

  • Economical and Ecological
  • Natural heating and cooling
  • Waste material and earth used in construction
  • Beautiful nature all around
  • Recycling waste water
  • Black and grey water treatment
  • Food production - for free.
  • Educational

How we will fund these builds:

  • The locals
  • Organisations
  • Paying volunteers taking courses
  • Organised internships
  • Sales from our online store
  • Donations
  • Time from us and the locals in the community
  • and soon... a small commission on bookings from each previous build *

* We advertise the new Eco-Tourism retreats and work on getting as many bookings as requested to further the owners income. We will use just 10% and put this back into new local projects. They are able to opt out at any time.

How you can get involved.

Book a Stay - coming soon

Intern and Learn - coming soon

Donate - coming soon

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