Vanuatu Project 2016, Joe’s Place. Designing an Outdoor Ecoshower

The free flowing shower

Why? Because there is something quite beautiful about showering surrounded by nature. And you get to water nature at the same time. In a hot climate such as Vanuatu you won't need to shelter yourself from the cold or wind so you are open to build a fairly open shower 😉


The particular one we designed in November 2016 was originally going to have a drainage similar to that of the toilet. Being in Vanuatu we could not find a shower trap which fitted so we decided on a drainage platform which due to the soil etc would be absolutely fine (no flooding issues). Plants will then simply grow up naturally around the shower upon each use.


We dug a hole and then filled it with old broken bits of cement (recycling). A standing platform is then built over the top and around the sides to stand on.




Built housing around the sides for a little privacy using local wood and bamboo is the next step.

We did think about leaving the top open for star gazing but this wouldn't be suitable for rainy days while you are trying to dry off and change inside the cubicle.


The shower will be fed on rain water. We chose water saving shower heads which increase pressure without using extra water. They will be connected to the water tank which collects water from the Earthship roof. (roof below).



Before (below)


Mid-way (below)


The local street (below)


The Earthship (below)


More updates on their way soon!

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