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What’s current and what’s changing. Letting you know how the new innovations can get through councils and local covenants.

Earthship Biotecture Introduction

Earthship Biotecture...what on Earth is that? If you haven't heard of Earthship Biotecture already, here's a quick run down... Building with used materials/rubbish Food production in your home Renewable energy power generation Water harvesting & filtering Solar passive design/ heating and cooling itself Grey and black water treatment on site Everything you need as a…
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Why dropshipping for online retailers is the way forward!

Why drop-shipping for online retailers is the way forward! So we all need products. Everything monetary is either a thing or a service. So why is it couriers are overrun and underfunded, why are retailers and small businesses going out of business and why are some things so darn expensive?? So to start we need…
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LAW TO IMPROVE LIVING STANDARDS...BUT IS IT ENOUGH? A new law requirement will see to it that all landlords inprove the living quality of their tennant lives by installing much needed insulation into the homes they lease. New Zealand homes must become warmer and dryer. New law requirement passed 09/07/05  This law requires landlords to…
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IMAGINE IF YOUR WALLS ACTUALLY HEATED YOUR ROOM... There are a few factors to consider when choosing what type of walls you build. Of course they will need to be structurally sound, strong, the best they can be in an earthquake....this goes without saying. But we should also be expecting a lot more...     …
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