Our Projects

Building Biophilic, natural, passive energy homes and teaching you how to do it!

Build Eco Homes/Teach Eco Homes/Offer Eco-Tourism

Self sustainable homes are now totally achievable! What if everyone harvested their own water & power, grew their own food using technology & expertise? The environment and the economy would almost completely recover! We would be safer from natural disasters & politics would be far less important.

  • Building projects & courses/education
  • Buy One Gift One - organising distribution/online store
  • Renewable energy design work for your home/build
  • Humanitarian disaster relief

our team

  • Kate Rowland

    Owner of eBRIGHT Energy Ltd. Great passion to eliminate energy poverty. Eco-Tourism, Solar oven and Earthship advocate. Experience with earth building, specialising in natural and passive energy aswell as renewable energy…

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