Our Mission

Build Eco Homes/Teach Eco Homes/Offer Eco-Tourism

Building & providing affordable accommodation using earthen materials, renewable and passive energy and beautiful art features and teaching you how to do it!

1. We are running workshops to build Earthen structures. We are going to rent these gorgeous structures out as holiday accommodation for many people to see starting from low end to higher.

2. We are going to offer some of these cabins and tinyhome structures to purchase. They will be available to move from Twizel to the Canterbury and Otago region in NZ.

3. We have a shop online and will have on site with some of the eco products we use there. From Solar Ovens to off-grid energy system to art.

  • Workshops - Learn & Intern
  • Book a Stay - coming soon
  • Ecoshop - Available now

our team

  • Kate Rowland

    Owner of eBRIGHT Energy Ltd. Great passion to eliminate energy poverty. Eco-Tourism, Solar oven and Earthship advocate. Experience with earth building, specialising in natural and passive energy aswell as renewable energy…

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