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An Ecological Retreat in the making...

Incorperating Energy, Art and Nature into every design! Starting Feb 2018!

Energy - Passive, renewable, natural. Using new technology, renewable energy and natural science to give exceptional comfort with simplicity and ease.

Art - Incorporating beauty and creativity. Biophillic design for better wellness, inspired locally and internationally. Creation with many upcycled and natural materials.

Nature - Earthen materials such as straw, clay, sand, timber and rock. Permaculture design incorperating real ecology systems to regenerate the land for wildlife and plants.

 * 'ECO' not only stands for eco-friendly but the true meaning of ecological. 
ECOLOGICAL - 'Improving the environment so all living things can thrive in harmony together' i.e. Making the land better than it was before. 

Workshop 1 - 10 Square metre, strawbale earthhome workshop

Coming Soon

Workshop 2 - off-grid toilet and shower systems including permaculture.

coming soon

Workshop 3 - Earthip inspired big build theory and hands on

coming soon

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