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World changing inventions for an energy efficient lifestyle!

On the hunt for new energy efficient products? Looking to build or rennovate your home with new energy saving innovations but don't know where to turn?... With an upcoming example of an Off-Grid 'owner builder' affordable yet luxury home... This is the site for you.

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Combatting energy poverty. We work with organisations to distribute products and spread awareness throughout the world, focussing on the South Pacific.

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Technology made internationally; the world's technology is very exciting, it's important that New Zealand doesn't miss out. From solar powered tent poles enabling off-grid camping to highly efficient induction kettles. Customers can request and we can organise a distribution agent/company.

educational videos/blogs

How to renovate or build with optimum style and efficiency; From Earthships to Pre-fabricated homes. Due to being free lance agents we offer unbiased information. Giving you the best inspiration from around the world to get going here in New Zealand.


To stay ahead of the game we constantly educate ourselves. We research worldwide to offer the best advice on products and services for your build or project. Also open to researching something specicific on your behalf.

Online store

NZ products; Our online store gives you the opportunity to purchase some great new innovations, our orders are processed via dropshipping, the most economical method. Keeping it Kiwi - all products are sent via other NZ based businesses.


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